# Introduction (view-source!) TL;DR <p style="margin-top: 25px;">A journal was here.</p> ## Probably Better Places to Visit Than Here: - [Subscribe to my YouTube Channel](https://www.youtube.com/mikelevin) - [Follow me on Twitter](https://twitter.com/miklevin) - [Connect on LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/miklevin) - [My WordPress Site](http://mikelev.in/) - [My Instagram Pics](https://www.instagram.com/miklevin/) - [My Github Profile](https://github.com/miklevin) - [My Lightweight Linux VM Distro](https://github.com/miklevin/Levinux) - [My Free & Open Source SEO Software](https://github.com/miklevin/Pipulate) ### I begin my day by asking myself these questions: 1. What's most broken? 2. Where do you get the biggest bang for the buck? 3. What plates need to be spun? # Beginning of Journal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Fri Feb 10 07:26:41 EST 2017 <pre> Holding onto thoughts. Fanning the flame of inspiration. Playing the game according to your own rules. Not falling prey to despair. Understanding the motivations of others. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of others. Understanding the fear of others. Incorporating your understandings into your thoughts. To process your thoughts in your waking hours, much like dreams do. To be in touch with those thoughts. To connect new thoughts with past thoughts. To maintain the integrity and resolutions of those thoughts. To see the unseen. Connect dots. To turn those thoughts into realizations. To turn those realizations into purpose. To turn that purpose into plans. To turn those plans into the tiniest of incremental actions. To keep hope. To not forget. To always remember. To create systems to remind you. To use your very environment AS your system. To remember to look at your environment AS your task-list. To check things off your task-list. To not be a dumbass. To to fall into old "bad" (time-wasting) habits. To find viable things to feed whatever hunger those old bad habits fed. To be hyper-aware that this is precisely what you're doing. To take pride in your capability to do precisely that. To be more human than those around you, by virtue of asserting your will. To have self-discipline. To find joy in that self-discipline. To make advancement towards your goals a thing of joy. To surround yourself with reminders that you are making progress. To break down a task into 1, 2, 3... baby-steps. To take that first baby-step. To not think you're done. To choose the next 1, 2, 3... baby-step over the next distraction. To compound those incremental baby-step actions into meaningful substance. To compound that meaningful substance into momentum. To shape that momentum into habit. Advancement towards goals arises from persistent exercising of habits. Document and share your thoughts with like-minded people. Persist. Persist. Persist. </pre> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Mon Dec 26 11:40:34 EST 2016 ### Journal Reset... Again I reset my journal from time to time, and this is one such time. I have the continuous record of the circumstances of my life and the decisions I'm making, going back probably to about 1988, when I was 18 years old. I like to keep a portion of this published to keep myself accountable to myself, through a process of public commitment and consistency described well by Robert Cialdini in his seminal book on influence and persuasion. But this approach on occasion by necessity gets tempered by other principles that come into play. So, if you're one of my regular followers wondering what happened to everything that was here, it's probably time for you to tune into another of my channels, such as YouTube, Twitter or my Podcast. I may not journal here quite as much as I used to, but that's only because the purpose and experiment taking place here has shifted. I am one of the few in SEO who is not slaves of the tools du jour. While those tools are often wonderful and indeed important to embrace, for they bring scale to problems that are difficult to tackle as individuals (certain type of web crawls and tracking systems), it is very empowering and enabling to have the full capabilities of the Python programming language and its many third-party most often free and open source developer packages such as TensorFlow and Pandas, you can tackle various complex data-problems that ask more complex questions than the SEO tools du jour can provide. And so, I do some neat tricks. And so the voice I speak with here must shift. Gone will be the days of thinking through my days as I go, tackling a problem by reconstructing and breaking it into smaller sub-tasks, and then working my way back up to the original problem having figuratively, climbed a mountain. That's the stuff I really love, but I think I no longer need to employ the "public" side of Cialdini's self-disciplining technique of commitment and consistency. The life-hack is still on, but what gets published to the actual public versions some other function I'll create to accommodate what can't be published. I have to say, this almost magical combination of vim, markdown, git, github and github.io has made me "think by typing" more than anything else I've tried in the past. This is a highly effective self-disciplining technique. I have to spontaneously know what to do and how, and that comes from the process I do here, but it needs not go here. It can just as readily go into another git repo that lives on the other side of a firewall, time-wise and subject-matter-wise. Currently, sitting side-by-side with my daughter, each of us at a PC (an old Mac, really) on my time, and she's rubbing bag balm all over her face for her dry lips, and I'm capturing the moment. She's experiencing "The Web" more and more, as she heres it referred to and asks what it is, and I have to explain desktops and browsers to her... and so, I'm letting her have the Flash game experience (yes, it is still a big thing) with the Nick Jr. website. And I'm rapidly banking a third successful day together, decidedly more relaxed than the past 2 days. Thinking through tomorrow and the week ahead, and marking this date in my mind. One of the 2 extinction events in this particular journal repo (but no rebasing). And such is the natural course of things. - Dial-up: Operation Awesome Dad for Daughter - Dial-down: Step-by-step Problem Solving - Splinter off a locked-down actual work journal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Mon Dec 26 11:15:00 EST 2016 ### Journal Reset! Nothing's lost, it's just pulled back again. It happens.